Pizza Monster - if you miss a pizza, the pizza monster will get angry and you will XXX!!
Feed the Pizza Monster now!

ESC for Pause game.
Feeding Monster for earning points:

pizza - 5 points,
fish or meat - 3 points,
wooden barrel - (-5)points.

Don't miss the pizza, you will game-over!

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the game.

Ver2.2 - 13 Feb, 2023 (file:
- Fixed the problem of prefabs crashed into each other.
- Added sound effect for clicking game object.

Ver2.1 - 11 Feb, 2023 (file:
- Fixed the problem of prefabs disappeared after crashing the other randomly.
- Added game pause.
- Added background music control.

- Improved the UI elements.

Ver2.0 - 9 Feb,2023 (file:
- Discovered users can play in mobile and iPad too, so I reset the X Bound - don't let the pizza fly out of the screen even they are using mobile phone.
- Reset the collider of the prefabs, so user can click the targets properly.
- Fixed the responsive UI.


I love creativity!
Experienced in Theatre, Designer, Filmmaking and UI/UX Design.
And now started my Game Dev!

Feel free to donate and buy me a coffee for supporting my creativity ;D
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The game is great, but there's this very annoying bug that doesn't allow the player to play at all, look at the gif below, items collapse into newly created items preventing them from ever appearing on the screen.

This will probably be your hardest bug to fix, but if you manage to solve it your game is going to be almost perfect. If you need any tips on how to solve this, let me know.


Thanks for the feedback!
Probably I should make the items more independent and not crash into each other.
Let me see if I can fix it, if not, I am gonna ask you for more advice.
Thanks for your kindness :D

I really enjoyed your game, it's really cool.

There are some issues you might want to look into:
- Sometimes the pizza gets blocked by other objects before reaching a distance where it is clickable. It feels unfair, losing because of the game not because of my lack of ability.
- I sometimes click the pizza like 20 times and nothing happens, I don't know if it's an issue with the colliders or something like that.

I highly recommend you try to fix these issues before moving into another project, that will teach you a lot of things.

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Thanks for the feedback! They are very important and useful.
Let me try to fix it and update a version 2.0 ;D

I am trying to collect feedback and make it better, yeah!


Yeahhhhh!! I fixed it, so excited for that!
And thanks for sharing the game experience ;D